Busy with classes

Life’s been fairly hectic lately. In addition to my day job, I somehow decided that it would be a cool idea to take three courses this term. This term I’m taking English 362 (Shakespeare 1), English 350B (17th Century Literature 2) and English 335 (Creative Writing 1).
Creative Writing is a night course, and is workshop based. I’m enjoying the opportunity to focus on the writing craft. Thus far, we’ve focused on poetry, which is a nice change. The importance of precise diction is challenging.  The other two courses are distance education courses. Audio lectures, web based discussion forums, and regular assignments.
English 350B is primarily a study of Milton’s Paradise lost. It’s an impressive work of literature, made more so as Milton composed it while blind.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, during the summer term, I took a selected studies reading course on the works of Philip K. Dick. I think the course went really well. I’m currently reworking my final paper, expanding on some of the ideas I touched upon, and hope to submit it to one of the science fiction journals at a later date.

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