Star Trek DS9 Reviews: Vortex

Where The Nagus was an episode of the week, Vortex is an episode which advances a number of plots and themes, most importantly, Odo’s origins.

The key with changeling properties
The key to Odo’s past

We start the episode with a standard gimmick: Odo is concealed as an inanimate object to eavesdrop while Quark is some stolen goods. It’s a quick scene, easy to figure out. That’s web things go south, and one of the twinned Miridorn is killed. It seems that Quark had arranged for a robbery of the sale, as there’s greater profit from hiring a thief than in buying the goods direct.
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Paint it Pink

I spent a good portion of the weekend priming and painting part of my daughter’s new bedroom. Here’s a tip: if you can avoid painting the inside of a closet, avoid it. They’re very small on the inside, the previous owners likely painted the ceiling in their infinite wisdom, they’re dark, hot and poorly ventilated. Seriously, avoid closets.

Standing up on a ladder, reaching up to the ceiling tends to tire you out fast. Which makes the fine detail work of painting right up to the ceiling without actually getting the ceiling difficult. Fun times.

Still, the results are looking quite good. According to my daughter, the room will be “pink and purple with butterflies”. Sometimes she also adds ponies. Because All Girls Love Ponies, even when they’re not a character on TV.

Needless to say, she’s getting pretty excited about her big girl room being ready. While I was in there painting, I had the radio on for music, and she was in there dancing along. Very cute.