Ebook readers

A review of some of the issues I have with the current crop of ebook readers, including a list of things I consider essential. I talk about the kindle, the nook, the sony reader, and the iRex reader.

I’ve often had coworkers ask me why I don’t have an ebook reader yet. I would appear to be a good candidate. I almost always have a book with me, and usually have several on the go at once. In the past year, I’ve read over forty novels or short-story anthologies. Having immediate access to my library is certainly a welcome image. However, none of the current set of ebook readers provides the feature set that makes me want to pull out my wallet.

I’m a literature student. I don’t just read books. I also tend to read a number of academic journal articles. The majority of these articles are PDF image scans, downloaded through my library’s web proxy. There usually hasn’t been much in the way of processing on the PDF. The article has not undergone OCR, there is no additional markup. Just the original image. I need to be able to open these, as is. This is not negotiable. Don’t make me send the file away to some third party to transcode it for the device.

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